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Introduction to Network Operations Center- NOC

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 NOC Introduction

The word NOC is termed as “Network Operations Center”. Generally the NOC’s or a network operations center is related to any work containing the management of a particular network from a remote location. It is the first overview that may come into our mind from the word NOC. A network operations center can be a room, hall, building or a big place where a complete set-up of IT devices is placed and maintained.

NOC Monitoring Setup

 The IT set up can be comprised of computers, servers, monitors, routers, different types of cables, switches, printers, telephones and many more items according to the requirement. All these make an internal IT network of the service provider of the network operations center. For proper security to these devices and instruments the center has good quality furniture so that these machines can be put on it and to ensure the safety as well.



Network Operations Center Infrastructure

In the furniture items there can be tables and desks, chairs, shelves, racks etc. There can be much furniture which can be of metal. Here large sized racks are used to store the server machine which give proper care to them. All these mechanisms are managed by highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians. The rooms of the NOC are properly air conditioned to provide a healthy and comfortable atmosphere to the staff working inside it.

 What NOC Does?

The purpose of a NOC is to manage and maintain a telecommunications network but not necessary; it can belong to other service areas as well. It is a centralized location from where the engineers monitor the network of the clients. An organization can have its own NOC or can take the services from specialized companies offering the NOC services. The objective of this center is to improve the working conditions of the organization by maintaining the network of it. They work to enhance the quality and health of the IT infrastructure. 

The major job of these technicians is to improve the health of the client’s network by monitoring of their servers and computers. The monitoring work can be done remotely also. They fix the issues before it can harm the client’s network and delay their work. Additionally they can take data backups to their own server if required by the client. By remote monitoring they can easily check the network and can tell about the problems occurred. Another major part that is done from these NOC’s is server monitoring.

The NOC is the central part from where the service provider troubleshoots the client’s network and is also responsible for the management of router, domain name, etc. Performance monitoring is also an important task done by an NOC. If the customer has a number of networks in his workplace, its smooth running is also managed by it so that the client can focus on its core business operations. Monitoring of the servers, routers, network is a job that must be done at every hour of the day. It is a continuous process.

Here we have taken a brief overview about the network operations center and its components. We shall discuss again about the benefits and services of it.

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