Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cut Your Small Business Operations Cost by Outsourcing IT Services

In today’s globally competitive environment has small and medium level business looking to make their organizations big. Companies just want to focus to grow their business instead of focusing on network security and Infrastructure related issues. In that case IT outsourcing is the only solution which helps to meet standards while controlling cost.

So if you are a small company can’t afford to have staff for monitoring your Servers, Network Operations Center, Patch Management and Troubleshooting. These operations need technical expertise, It would be too hard to find person do everything that is needed. Outsourcing is a much easier way to get the service you need, whenever you need.

Process your IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Company can perform for you.
  • Backup configuration
  • Cleaning up logs
  • Control Panel Upgrades
  • Hardening and Tuning of Servers
  • Installing Mod_Evasive
  • Installing Process Resource Monitor (PRM)
  • Installing secure (SSL) certificates
  • Installing System Integrity Monitor (SIM)
  • Kernel Upgrades
  • Rebooting by contacting Data Center
  • Server Migration
  • Brute Force Detection
  • Configuration changes
  • DNS issues
  • Installing CHKRootKit
  • Installing Mod_Security
  • Installing RootKit Hunter
  • Installing softwares
  • Installing/Updating firewalls
  • Log files interpretation
  • Security Settings
  • Upgrading software and applying patches
An IT Outsourcing Company can manage your all IT related operations 24x7 including holidays and you should pay only against the services you need. Outsourcing is much more cost-effective than holding own team, That’s small and medium scale business always looking for.

NOC Outsourcing Services By ProVal Technologies 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

NOC Room Furniture fit for Command Center and Control Room

Network operations center room furniture is an integral part of any NOC office. Everyone knows that a preface office can’t be perfect without appropriate decor so before selecting furniture for office we have  to understand what is our basic requirements. The evaluation of requirements should be in terms of working hours, employ strength, available space and what instruments & gadgets we need to use in work  premises.   
Before the information about NOC room furniture you should understand, What is NOC and how it works?  

NOC stands for Network Operations Center its central location establish for monitoring and controlling over the network and servers. NOC offices are very much look like as control room designed to work in 24x7 manner.    

What types of furniture require for Network Operations Center Offices? 

All the NOC centers, Command center, Control room, Data center and Broadcast room require same kinds of furniture some of them are given bellow.   

  1. Computer Workstations
  2. Computer Desk 
  3. Monitor Arms
  4. Ergonomic Chair
  5. Multi Drawer File Cabinet

Computer Workstations:

It is an ergonomically designed area of an office that holds desktop computer and all of its peripheral devices. A good workstation specially designed for comfort in order to perform duties. 

Computer Desk: 

It is a furniture ideal for working on computers designed for accommodating computer and its accessories very commonly used in offices and home. Relatively smaller than a computer workstation.   

Monitor Arms:

LCD Monitor arms allow us to manage height, depth and angle adjustability of the display console. LCD monitors are growing in need especially in NOC monitoring, Control room and Command center. Monitor arms help us to manage multiple LCD in small space reduce work space.       

Ergonomic Chair:

Ergonomic office chair provide full support to lower back and promotes good posture accommodate your work style. Ergonomic chairs fit for NOC offices and long hours monitoring  jobs.

Multi Drawer File Cabinet:

Multi drawer file cabinet to keep important documents organized and secure. File cabinets are designed to minimal space  and quick convenient access to files.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NOC Best Practices Process Management and Documentation

NOC Stands for Network Operation Center some time called by KNOCK. It is a central location or a place for controlling and monitoring the network devices, servers, datacenters. Companies like Web hosting , ISPs and those are having huge IT Infrastructure, Network, Critical Servers and Data centers need to implement NOC. NOC implementation mostly done upon two models, 1st on-site model and 2nd remote model. Both of the models I will describe in my upcoming blog.

I have already described about Network Operation Center Best Practices in terms of process like    

1.    Ticketing system
2.    Knowledge base
3.    Reporting
4.    Monitoring      

Now this time I am going to reveal NOC best practices in terms of management and process documented. Following these points NOC Administrator can manage his process better way.

1.    Incident Detection and Notification
2.    Documenting of Incidents and handling
3.    Documenting Syslog messages
4.    Documenting Vendor Software Bugs
5.    Shift to Shift Hand over procedures
6.    Commonly used scripts for monitoring
7.    Frequently testing High Availability
8.    Capturing config changes.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Five Essentials for Quality Network Operations Center (NOC) Services

ProVal Technologies- NOC Services Outsourcing

Almost in every business today the main parameter of productivity depends on the IT infrastructure. To maintain this business can holds its own network operations center or it can be outsourced. In both the conditions a proactive approach is desired to take the service level as well as the quality level up to a predefined level of productivity. There are many parameters that make the structure of better level of customer service as well as technical support quality.

Proactive Approach – To provide a quality service to the client a Network Operations Center must have to adopt a proactive approach for monitoring the clients IT infrastructure. If there any issue happens in the client’s network the engineer should proactively get the client notified about it. If required the technicians can also make proper outbound calling process to inform the client.

Dedicated Engineer – For better network operations service a dedicated engineer is required who can take the initiative to handle all the tickets and can provide quick resolution for it. In this regard not only the most critical ones should be taken but also every ticket must be covered to maintain the quality level up to 99%.

Technical Experience – All the engineers and other service technicians must have proper technical training to smoothly perform their tasks. The quality of the network operations center depends directly on the technical expertise of the engineers and network administrators. In this way they can easily maintain, configure and troubleshoot the network issues. All the software and devices in an NOC require expert hands to handle and run them to obtain maximum output from them and enhance the productivity with quality. 

Client Satisfaction – Client satisfaction is the thing on which the service quality is calculated. It is a major parameter on which an NOC can easily calculate the level of the service quality it is providing to its client. It should be in mind of the network operations center service provider that its clients are getting the best level of support, service quality with all the available solutions by it. 

24x7 Network Monitoring – All the above points are the constituents of Quality Network Operations Center (NOC) Services if and only if the service provider is doing its job on a 24x7 network monitoring platform. It is very crucial that the clients network is monitored on a real time basis so that any issue happens can be easily deducted and solved proactively. 

There can be many more parameters on which the quality of an NOC service is calculated will be discussed later.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why MSPs Needs NOC (Network Operations Center) Services Company

ProVal Technologies Provides NOC Services for MSPs

The main purpose of the Network Operations Center services is to minimize the downtime in operations of the business of their clients. The priority of these NOCs is to put their focus on the IT maintenance tasks like monitoring the network devices, system maintenance etc. In this way the managed service providers can easily focus on their core operational activities to increase the business productivity.

Mostly the MSPs experience the job to have a balance between the growth and the client’s need to get better technology. Here they can achieve this target by having some agreements with a monthly charged based model agreement with a service provider. In this way they can increase the productivity of their business operations by reducing the operations costs. In this regard there are various network operations center services providers available in the markets that offer their services on a cost effective level.

The NOCs work on behalf of its client MSP to maintain and manage its network and other IT maintenance activities. This task is done on a twenty four by seven platform. Mostly the MSPs use the third party NOC services or third party NOC partnerships because they are very cost effective and make them free to focus on their core business activities. Such type of service providers try to increase the level of technical support so that the client get ample time for its own business.

Since after the boom in the IT field during the last few decades a significant growth in the managed services providers has been found. They are offering specialized technical support to various businesses by reducing the unnecessary workforce. With the result of it a number of network operations center services providers came into existence providing partnership services to them. The NOCs have an experienced level of IT support services with efficient administrators and technicians. Many times according to the requirement of the client the NOC service provider can also put its technician or engineer on the site of the client.

They work as an extension to their IT department by maintaining and managing their network catering to their business needs.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Network Operations Center Best Practices 2013

ProVal Technologies After Hours NOC Service  

The Network Operations Center is the most important part for an organization involving into network monitoring process on a large scale. Inside this center there are a number of operators and administrators who handle the network issues and produce a relevant and quick solution for it. The NOC is like a central part of the IT department that implements the best procedure to give a solution to any network issue. 

Here we are discussing about what should be the best practices and procedures of the Network Operations Center to provide their clients maximum productivity into their core business operations. Due to the increasing tasks and obligations NOCs have become an important part of our organizations. Under this different unexpected issues comes at any time and we have to solve them. For this we must have the best tools and practices to deal with the situation. 

There are various essential elements while managing an NOC and they are very crucial for the growth of the organization. So let us have a brief discussion on these tools. These tools help you to update your IT team about the information necessary for the management of a NOC. The main tool or the first one is the ticketing system. Tickets are generated by the clients about the issues and the IT team from the network operations center has to look after it and solve the issues. It also helps to update the IT department about the open or unsolved problems. They have to take them according to the requirement of the client and according to the urgency. 

Another tool is about the knowledge base and the past experiences of the issues occurred. Keep a record of them and keep the knowledge base updated time to time so that all the team members can be able to take references from it. Some training modules can also be made and run according to the requirement. This can be gathered information in the forms of books, newspapers, magazines, self-written notes, CDs, online database and many more. These can be useful to many people inside or outside the organization.

Reporting is another important practice of the working of a NOC. It involves intimation about the major events happened on a daily basis. The IT department leaders and the department managers require these reports to make and enhance the productivity of the process. This reporting helps to keep the record of the daily activities of the NOC services and other events. Then all these reports are summarized to make a monthly report to know about the areas of improvement.

Monitoring is the important process of the network operations center. It comprises the monitoring of the infrastructure of the clients IT department like servers, network devices, data center monitoring etc. They consider the environment into a real time monitoring and inform the client about the issues and try to fix them before they cause any downtime to the business operations. In this way they are the productivity enhancer mechanism of the business. Not only this, automation is another aspect that enhances the productivity and time of the business and also considered as one of the best practices offered by the network operations centers.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Network Operations Center One Step Ahead (NOC+)

NOC Service By ProVal Technologies

Network Operations Center is not a new word today for most of the organizations in different sectors. Every organization today has its separate IT department and they use the NOC services either they have their own NOC or it is outsourced. With the advent of technology it is very important to be updated with the latest techniques and tools. This information helps the entrepreneurs to minimize the operation downtime and increasing the productivity of the business.

Another important aspect for the success and smooth process of the NOC is ITIL. It is information and knowledge of the concepts about the IT practices and IT tools for the benefit of any organization. It comprises of concepts and policies important to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of a firm. For better management of the network operations center it is very crucial to have the knowledge of ITIL. For better knowledge we can refer to different books related to it. This is also available on different web portals to get easily and fast.

According to survey different results about the study of ITIL has been observed. Some of the IT people believe that it is important to know about it because it contains the practices useful to the growth of the NOC services. There are many NOC services like network management, server monitoring, network monitoring and many more services effected with the information given in it. On the other hand many say that it is not very much important. At the present time we have to understand all these things according to our own perception what is important for the growth of the network operations center. 

Another survey reveals some important aspects about the efficiency of NOC. A majority polled in favor of these aspects like it is an important function of IT, it resolves the issues effectively and many more like these. But now the working has moved to one step ahead we assume to be. These centers work proactively on a real time basis and inform the organization about any issue occurs before it can harm the productivity of the operation.

It is possible because the IT technicians and IT administrators spends their time in managing the applications, servers, monitoring, LAN-WAN management, security of the devices and the data storage. For the better management the NOC also creates various types of data centers. Here the data of the clients are stored and managed. In case if there happened any disaster at the site of the client, important data stored in the data centers can be reused and extracted from it.

Today the trend of the network operations centers has been changed as many service providers offer free demonstrations as well free monthly package of their service offering. In this way a client can check the services and can easily take the decision after selecting from different service providers. Doing this we can get the service packages according to our requirement. Many providers offer cost effective packages and the users can customize it also if necessary according to the need.