Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NOC Best Practices Process Management and Documentation

NOC Stands for Network Operation Center some time called by KNOCK. It is a central location or a place for controlling and monitoring the network devices, servers, datacenters. Companies like Web hosting , ISPs and those are having huge IT Infrastructure, Network, Critical Servers and Data centers need to implement NOC. NOC implementation mostly done upon two models, 1st on-site model and 2nd remote model. Both of the models I will describe in my upcoming blog.

I have already described about Network Operation Center Best Practices in terms of process like    

1.    Ticketing system
2.    Knowledge base
3.    Reporting
4.    Monitoring      

Now this time I am going to reveal NOC best practices in terms of management and process documented. Following these points NOC Administrator can manage his process better way.

1.    Incident Detection and Notification
2.    Documenting of Incidents and handling
3.    Documenting Syslog messages
4.    Documenting Vendor Software Bugs
5.    Shift to Shift Hand over procedures
6.    Commonly used scripts for monitoring
7.    Frequently testing High Availability
8.    Capturing config changes.


  1. This is indeed an informative article about NOC process management. Those that provide outsourced NOC services will find this as very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is great article to read about NOC as best process management and documentation.Thank you for sharing.