Saturday, 11 May 2013

Five Essentials for Quality Network Operations Center (NOC) Services

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Almost in every business today the main parameter of productivity depends on the IT infrastructure. To maintain this business can holds its own network operations center or it can be outsourced. In both the conditions a proactive approach is desired to take the service level as well as the quality level up to a predefined level of productivity. There are many parameters that make the structure of better level of customer service as well as technical support quality.

Proactive Approach – To provide a quality service to the client a Network Operations Center must have to adopt a proactive approach for monitoring the clients IT infrastructure. If there any issue happens in the client’s network the engineer should proactively get the client notified about it. If required the technicians can also make proper outbound calling process to inform the client.

Dedicated Engineer – For better network operations service a dedicated engineer is required who can take the initiative to handle all the tickets and can provide quick resolution for it. In this regard not only the most critical ones should be taken but also every ticket must be covered to maintain the quality level up to 99%.

Technical Experience – All the engineers and other service technicians must have proper technical training to smoothly perform their tasks. The quality of the network operations center depends directly on the technical expertise of the engineers and network administrators. In this way they can easily maintain, configure and troubleshoot the network issues. All the software and devices in an NOC require expert hands to handle and run them to obtain maximum output from them and enhance the productivity with quality. 

Client Satisfaction – Client satisfaction is the thing on which the service quality is calculated. It is a major parameter on which an NOC can easily calculate the level of the service quality it is providing to its client. It should be in mind of the network operations center service provider that its clients are getting the best level of support, service quality with all the available solutions by it. 

24x7 Network Monitoring – All the above points are the constituents of Quality Network Operations Center (NOC) Services if and only if the service provider is doing its job on a 24x7 network monitoring platform. It is very crucial that the clients network is monitored on a real time basis so that any issue happens can be easily deducted and solved proactively. 

There can be many more parameters on which the quality of an NOC service is calculated will be discussed later.


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