Sunday, 3 March 2013

Network Operations Center One Step Ahead (NOC+)

NOC Service By ProVal Technologies

Network Operations Center is not a new word today for most of the organizations in different sectors. Every organization today has its separate IT department and they use the NOC services either they have their own NOC or it is outsourced. With the advent of technology it is very important to be updated with the latest techniques and tools. This information helps the entrepreneurs to minimize the operation downtime and increasing the productivity of the business.

Another important aspect for the success and smooth process of the NOC is ITIL. It is information and knowledge of the concepts about the IT practices and IT tools for the benefit of any organization. It comprises of concepts and policies important to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of a firm. For better management of the network operations center it is very crucial to have the knowledge of ITIL. For better knowledge we can refer to different books related to it. This is also available on different web portals to get easily and fast.

According to survey different results about the study of ITIL has been observed. Some of the IT people believe that it is important to know about it because it contains the practices useful to the growth of the NOC services. There are many NOC services like network management, server monitoring, network monitoring and many more services effected with the information given in it. On the other hand many say that it is not very much important. At the present time we have to understand all these things according to our own perception what is important for the growth of the network operations center. 

Another survey reveals some important aspects about the efficiency of NOC. A majority polled in favor of these aspects like it is an important function of IT, it resolves the issues effectively and many more like these. But now the working has moved to one step ahead we assume to be. These centers work proactively on a real time basis and inform the organization about any issue occurs before it can harm the productivity of the operation.

It is possible because the IT technicians and IT administrators spends their time in managing the applications, servers, monitoring, LAN-WAN management, security of the devices and the data storage. For the better management the NOC also creates various types of data centers. Here the data of the clients are stored and managed. In case if there happened any disaster at the site of the client, important data stored in the data centers can be reused and extracted from it.

Today the trend of the network operations centers has been changed as many service providers offer free demonstrations as well free monthly package of their service offering. In this way a client can check the services and can easily take the decision after selecting from different service providers. Doing this we can get the service packages according to our requirement. Many providers offer cost effective packages and the users can customize it also if necessary according to the need.

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