Sunday, 3 February 2013

Service Level Agreement in NOC Services

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In simple terms a Service Level Agreement is a contract of the pre specified levels and quality of service as offered by a service provider to the customer. It is an agreement from the service provider comprising of different quality levels of service, options for support to the service at the time of failure, amount to be paid to the customer if the service not provided or the quality level are not matching, occurrence of downtime and uptime and the other pricing decisions as well. 

In the olden days the term SLA is commonly used by many telecom organizations. Now it is used in many IT organizations as well as other non-technical companies. It can differ according to the service provider because every organization has its own service delivery specifications and objectives. Majorly it is a part of different IT organizations providing IT services worldwide.

Talking about the IT service providers the SLA affects greatly the quality and goodwill of the company. Different network operations centers that are offering the support services contain various SLA’s with respect to their services. Today as competition is growing rapidly it has become very important to give the services up to their mark with the offered services level agreements to different clients. It has a great importance to the NOC services. The NOC services comprise of many processes like application monitoring, server management, network management and support etc. 

Many companies are providing SLA management tools so that they can easily monitor and maintain their NOC services according to their specified SLA’s to the customers. These applications and utilities help the clients to keep an eye on their servers and network. It helps the clients to focus on their business to increase the productivity without any worry for the service quality. Now day’s administrators use various SLA management tools to manage large networks.