Sunday, 10 February 2013

Alerts are Significant Part of Network Monitoring and NOC Services

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At present time most of the organizations want to fully focus on their core business operations but for this they require a continuous monitoring on their IT department. For this purpose the Network monitoring services came into existence.

NOC services today are playing an important role in the development of business operations. They are playing a vital role to keep the technical aspects of any organization up to the mark. There are various types of services provided by a network operation center but network monitoring is the most important part of it. I want to tell about some important aspects that everyone who is taking these services should know.

The important part of this is an “alert”, which tells about something is going wrong. It is an indication of the error that has been happened in the network. Alerts are also responsible for the occurrences of any event in the network. The program that a user is using automatically logs the monitoring events as well as the daily events. Also the real time program monitoring or server monitoring ensures the continuity of the process and makes the network safe.

Another part is the threshold; it is a level of intensity of the event happening or occurrence. It is used to set and tell about when any alert should be triggered. It is also helpful in proactive network monitoring so that it should not create downtime in the operations and increases the organization’s productivity. We get many responses by the monitoring devices if the threshold exceeds the limit. In addition different alerts and notifications are also sent by emails, messages as well as by voice messages. With the development in the technology there are different types of monitoring tools and programs are also used for this purpose.

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