Thursday, 14 February 2013

Roles and Responsibilities of Network Operations Center (NOC) Analyst

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A network operations center is a place from where the organization’s critical IT environment and networks are maintained and managed. This task can be performed either on-site or managed remotely. This job is very critical and most important for the growth of the network operations center because growth of the organization also depends on it.

In any organization that is running an NOC there is always a requirement for an NOC Analyst. For this the suitable candidate must possess the desired experience and skills. To start with this role the analyst has the main responsibility to take care of the network monitoring team. He has to do this on a real time basis. Giving time to time technical updates and guidance to the team and also escalating the network issues to the responsible team leads and the IT managers.

If you are working as an NOC analyst in an organization operating worldwide then your duty is to maintain the network, monitor and adjudicate the correct solution. In this domain a network analyst has to administer the user permissions, active directory management, and server management as well as patch management. For the management of all these excellent command over troubleshooting is must.

Sometimes various users call and they do not get proper resolutions and the network analyst has to deal those types of calls. It is good to take the opinions of the engineers and field technicians to carry out the issues. The candidate should have some interpersonal skills to deal with his role in the center smoothly.

The analyst should have good listening and communications skills and friendly with others to work closely and obtain results. A good initiator can be a suitable role for the position. It is good to have the required technical skill for the role as it can save the organization’s time for training the person. This position is suitable for those who have experience in working in a twenty four by seven platform and are up to date with the current technical tools.

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